Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trim For Lil Sis

So this weekend the hubby and I decided to be somewhat productive and get Lil Sis's chair rail put up. When we finally got started it only took about 30 minutes b/c the chair rail has been sitting painted in the building for months. Although it did not go off without a few hitches, like when the DVD player fell off the dresser and hit me in the back. Fun Fun. I still haven't filled in the nail holes but I am so excited to have a project done around here!

This is what happens when you can't find a stud and your husband is a perfectionist carpenter.

Take a look at how crooked the walls in our house are!

All finished!

After the trim was up I decided to be brave and clean out the closet, nothing in there actually belonged to Lil Sis so with the new baby coming I thought it was time to have a place for the toys. It only took 35 hours!

I CANNOT wait to get rid of this carpet but for now this is our big girl room.

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