Friday, November 5, 2010

Big Changes

Well I'm not sure how often I will post but some major renovations are coming to the Hale house and I am very excited to start sharing them with all of you! I am going to post pictures of what it all looks like now but oh how I wish you could have seen it when we first bought it, to say it was a dump is an understatement! But alas all of those pictures are not digital and only sit in an album for us to ponder over. As we go through each room I will try and describe the sad pitiful condition it used to be in.

This is the living room/ dining room. Sorry a couple are from my little big guys birthday party :)

I'm not sure where I was going with the yellow walls, especially with the red furniture, which by the way was not a very well thought out purchase. No worries it's all changing soon! When we first bought this house this room was actually a dining room and kitchen. The house had 2 kitchens so the one in this room had to go. Well I have to go feed the kiddos some lunch, more to come later!

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